Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nepalese Diplomacy and changes expected in Nepal at political dimension

In an effort to visit Nepal foreign minister of India SM krishna is scheduled to visit Nepal in the month of January 2010. A country hit by a decade long armed conflict lead by Maoist Party of Nepal , is

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

American President Visiting Nepal

In the most sensational form of its own as this news came out while in such a hot political ups and downs moment , the news cam out that president paying a visit to Nepal . Interesting rather than India he is giving more important to Nepal .
And just at this moment Mr Honourable PM Madhav Kumar Nepal is on China Visit . It is amazing and surpring that every time Before leaving Nepal Sood as Ambassador to Nepal visits seniors leaders of Nepal . Whats going on a political conspiracy since we never forget a fact that Nepal lies as Yam between India and China So called Big Rocks .
And Also Nepal is Strategically located at Important Place of South Asia .
Both India and China are Economic Giants of world .